1. I am interested in becoming a client, how do I request a nanny placement?

There are three ways you can request a nanny placement! The first is to call the agency at 336.525.9932 and speak to a  member of our team about your needs. You can also submit an online registration by clicking on the "Families" tab and a member of our team will contact you. You can also submit your basic information under the "Contact Us" tab and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

2. I am already a client, how do I request a nanny?

To request a nanny, simply call us at 336.525.9932 or email us at info@nannybydesign.com with the dates/services you need!

3. What information is needed to request an occasional nanny?

An occasional nanny provides care for any requested date/time that is not consistent such as coverage for date nights, appointments, errands, etc. When requesting an occasional nanny, the agency needs the date, start and end time*, choice of nanny, and special duties needed.

*Families will be charged for the entire time requested

4. What services do you provide?

Nanny By Design provides full-time nannies, part-time nannies, occasional nannies, on call nannies, back up care nannies, transportation/carpool, pet sitters, overnight care, vacation nannies, household managers, personal assistants, event care, and church care. 

5. How much do we pay our nanny?

Full-Time nannies are typically household/domestic employees. Once you pay the agency membership and placement fee, you will then pay the nanny directly. The family is responsible for withholding the necessary taxes and following the labor laws in the state. Full-Time nannies are paid an average of $450-$650 a week. Part-Time and Occasional Nannies' wages are distributed by the agency. Each member receives a customized placement package based on their unique needs.

6. Are your nannies screened?

All Nanny By Design nannies go through a meticulous screening process. This process includes phone interviews, reference checks, face-to-face interviews, and a thorough background check. The background check includes (but is not limited to) driving record, criminal history, and sexual offender registry check. Nanny By Design nannies also attend an agency Orientation and Training as well as multiple additional trainings throughout the year. Nanny By Design also conducts yearly reviews and job shadowing with each employee. 

7. What requirements do your nannies have to meet?

All of our nannies have at least two years experience, provide us with three child care references, are 18 years and older, and are CPR/First Aid certified*. They also go through an extensive background check. They must be passionate about child care. 

*Nannies are required to become certified within 30 days of becoming an employee if they are not already

8. How do you differ from daycare or other child care options?

Nanny By Design offers a more boutique experience when it comes to child care needs. From the in-home consultation, to periodic check ins, to trainings and employee incentives, we are actively involved throughout the entire process and nanny placement. Each candidate is handpicked for the member. Our employees are also dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic about caring for children. Our nannies provide children with one on one interaction as well as assisting the family with day to day household duties. Our nannies promote and encourage developmental and educational activities appropriate to each child's growth.